Welcome to Mason Contractors.

Mason Contractors began in 1973 in Warkworth, New Zealand and is now one of Rodney's major construction firms with over 40 years experience providing quality products and services.
Masons strength is attributed to its sound business philosophy, management structure and it's staff. The key points of that philosophy are to meet the needs of the client without compromise, to ensure all activities are performed safely and without harm to fellow workers, contractors, customers or the community, and to always finish the project on time.

To ensure this philosophy is achieved, Mason Contractors Limited has put the following into practice:

  • To maintain sound and forward thinking management structures
  • To employ staff who's aims and goals are in line with our Company Policies
  • To employ staff who are suitably qualified and trained
  • To ensure all staff are trained on an ongoing basis
  • To ensure the Company Health and Safety Policy is implemented and adhered to at all times
  • Zero tolerance to drug and alcohol in the work place
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